Creative Movement: These classes are best suited for young dancers just starting out. Many of out 2 year olds and young 3's find this class perfect for their pace. Here they will learn about musicality and movement skills. Creative Movement is learning skipping, hopping, clapping to the beat of music. This class is a wonderful introduction to dance.


Ballet: Ballet is a traditional form of dance that is usually performed to the accompaniment of classical music. Ballet is more technically based and will provide the required foundation for all dance styles. 


Jazz: Jazz is a highly expressive and unique genre of music. This class borrows techniques from modern dance and concentrates on personal and artistic expression, set to upbeat music.


Lyrical: Lyrical dance is just that- dancing hand in hand expressing the lyrics of music with movement. It is a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. Lyrical has a free-flowing style that is set to popular songs. 


Acro: Acro class is a combination of gymnastics and dance. Set to up beat music, dancers will learn the foundations of dance and gymnastics core skills.


Hip Hop: This class is a fast-paced lesson in the history of the hip hop genre. It is a high energy, active style of dance set to modern day music. 


Tap: Tap class will teach individual tap steps while learning to build combinations of steps together. Tap is very percussive and is a great way to learn about musicality and counting music. Tap is wonderful for those who wish to make some music!



  • Our 30 minute classes begin with age 2 with Creative Movement. We then have age 3-4, 5-6 and 6-9 age classes.


  • Ages 8-12 have 45 minute classes. 
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